Hungry for the True Religion 12"


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released January 9, 2013



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LAKES HARDCORE Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki / Lahti Finland


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Track Name: Destroyers
We are the reason why the sun rises
We are the brightness of the day

We are the ill wind
Hide truth behind black smoke

War does not end
It will be the end of us
Track Name: Pigeon Hearted
Benight and backward with a faint heart
An Unconscious mind cannot reason
Can you see clear at any distance?

Pigeon hearted

Eager to deal out death in judgement
Have a sweet-tooth for their murder
You enrage us
We are the ill wind

However long the day
The night will fall
Heart full of fake smiles
Hiding tears that won't run out
Track Name: Blue Rose
Everything I ever loved
Has been taken away by his cold hands
He keeps reminding me of my mistakes
Weight of your world on my shoulders

Between two heavens
Between hate and emptiness

Things my mind is trying to erase
He won't let me be free
Track Name: Legends Part I: Prooemium
Mastered by desire impulsive
By a mighty inward urging
I am ready now for singing
Ready to begin

From my lips the tones are gliding
From my tongue they wish to hasten
Song of ancient wit and wisdom

Come and sing with me the stories
Come and chant with me the legends
Legends of the times forgotten
Since we now are here together

Seldom do we come for singing
Seldom to the one, the other
Over this cold country

Let us clasp our hands together
That we thus may best remember
That the dear ones all may hear them
Of this generation

Music of the sea
Sentences of the trees
Through the chillings winds of winter

Beginning of the new day
Track Name: Legends Part II: The Fate of Aino
Woe is me, my life hard fated
Into what have I now fallen?
Knowing only pain and trouble
Better far for me, o' old man

All this life is cold and dreary
Painful here is every motion

Woe is me, my life hard fated
Woe to Aino, broken hearted

If beneath this weight of sorrow
In my saddened heart's dejection
I should yield my life forever
Now unhappy, I should perish

Weep no more for me, o father
Mother dear, withhold thy censure
Lovely sister, dry thine eyelids
Do not mourn me, dearest brother
When I sink beneath the sea foam
Make my bed in crystal waters
Track Name: Soul of the North
Sorrow dig it's grave to his heart
with the saddest eyes I've ever seen
this is a trap where beauty is a thing unknown

Over the moor
Take me to the moor
Dig a shallow grave and I'll lay me down

I might sleep but I will never dream

Nothern soul
Lost his mind
Lost his fire
Lost in life

Northern soul
Northern soul
Lost his everything
Track Name: Legends Part III: Moon of Gold, Sun of Silver
The gold Moon is not shining
Neither gleams the silver sunlight
People faint and famished
Perished in the cold and darkness

Rise O artist from thy slumbers
Hasten from thy couch unworthy
Forge from gold the Moon for Northland
Forge a new Sun from silver

Vainly dost thou swing thy hammer
Vainly rings thy mighty anvil
Silver will not gleam as sunshine
Not of gold is born the moonlight

Ancient bard and great magician
Went to find the Sun and Moon in slumber

Toothless witch of the North
Stealer of the silver sunshine
and the golden moonlight
Saw misfortune fast approaching
Saw destruction flying over
Unlocked the massive portals
where the sun and moon were hidden
Track Name: Legends Part IV: Son of Sorrow
Empty handed, heavy hearted
Sailed the hero Son of Sorrow
And sang his farewell

Recall his wisdom sayings
Suns may rise and set
Hungry for the true religion
Watch for him at dawn of morning
That he may bring again the golden moonlight
Bring again the silver sunshine
Peace and plenty to the Northland
Track Name: No Way Out
What I've seen
What I know
There is no way out

What I've seen
What I've lost
There is no way out

I'm just counting days and watching it all go down
Track Name: Into the Wild
Trees without leaves
Now I can see the sky clearly
Don't be afraid
Escape the suffering
Keep your emotions at a distance

My only desire
just to break free
and run with nothing

Into the wild with an empty mind
Distance keeps calling me

I am a river, I am running away
Towards the sea but the sea is never full