People Protect What They Love 7"


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"Cosmic Sadness" music video


released June 1, 2016

Recorded in Kauvatsa and Helsinki Finland in 2015 by Heikki Hyvänen



all rights reserved


LAKES HARDCORE Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki / Lahti Finland


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Track Name: Cosmic Sadness
Every word scrawled makes sense right now
Even though I'm too tired to read
Every sound scrambled is in tune right now
Even though I'm too tired to listen

There's not enough love in the world to weigh me down
And I'll keep my head in the clouds

Now I'm the human shield
I'm the haunting thought
I'm the familiar ghost

I am the human shield

Finger on my pulse from another muse
Two souls lost and confused with nothing to lose
Track Name: Mildebrath
Every night we march
Right back into the blackest sea
And every morning we will wake
With the most beautiful vision of clarity

Don’t let that tide
Carry where you don’t want to go

I fall, I break, I grow

And have you seen my new act?
It’s really easy for me to disappear
Track Name: Living Hell
Breath with fear in your lungs
See with death in your eyes
Silent cry in isolation
They paint a nice picture of this living hell
Every day a hundred thousand slaves
Every hour a thousand graves
No escape, no relief
Track Name: Sisters, Sing On For Love
It was the final sun
Before the purest of black
The future will be silent and calm
I’m the one that criest lonely
I’m the one who died inside your mind

For 25 years floating between
The devil and the black sea
Sinking deeper instead of swimming along

How could there be nobody
To hold my hand at the end of me?
Searching for the truth
Pure, innocent and good

It was the final sun before the purest of black
The future will be silent and calm

Sisters, sing on for love

My mind is now free
Out of his rage
Out of delight
Track Name: Dance On My Grave
I shall not see the shadows
I shall not feel the rain
I shall not hear the nightingale

Sing on again, as if in pain:
Dream through the twilight
Dream through your life

Please remember when i say:
"The role takes a hold of you
The role becomes the whole of you"

When I‘m gone, my love
Sing no sad songs
When I’m gone, my love
Dance on my grave

I shall not see the shadows
I shall not feel the rain
I shall not hear the nightingale
Track Name: Painting Flowers
With a brave moustache and deep blue eyes
He ripped it into shreds
without a single word and slapped me hard
In my old days I can feel my cheek still burning

There is no place in her bible for devil like him

Be a man my father said
But what the hell does he know
He lost his dreams
He lost his flow
And I don't wanna be alone

I'm born king
So where's my throne
I'm too intense
I'm too deep
I'm too nice for life
So what makes this place so nervous?
Track Name: Everything Is Borrowed
We do not wish to wake from our sleep
We do not wish to give up from our beautiful dreams
And rather than being clothed in the richest fabrics
We are naked empty and alone

Amidst the ruins

We close our eyes to visions of poverty
While spending money we do not have
Just to forget how little is ours
Refuse to admit that everything is borrowed

Amidst the ruins

Moneylenders prosper, catching the unwary in their webs,
where their lifeblood is drained
So desperately we pretend the desolation does not exist

Too busy distracting themselves with the opiates of the modern world
Drugged they sleep imagining a different world
Of comfort and luxury
Give us the gilded cage

Money, It is the only joy we know.